Friday, June 25, 2010

Isn't she a bute! This is one of my flowers from my perenial garden. It spread like wildfire this year due to all the rain, humidity and sunshine. I am seriously considering having this image tattoo'd onto my shoulder. I have a few other flowers around my serpent and eye of Ra and I just think that with the right may just be it.
So I get asked on a regular basis why the serpent on my arm. And I usually pause and then just say "because I like snakes" LOL. That of course is a fib. Something to tide them over long enough to change the subject. To be able to focus their attention on something else.
The truth of the matter is that I find the story of Adam and Eve amazing. Here you have these two people running around naked just basking in all of Gods glory to have it all taken away and be punished for all eternity over the one apple. I know its not really about the apple. Its about the disobedience of man but to punishment man kind for ages upon ages due to one discretion is just...well...ridiculous! Am I now speaking out against my father? I better look out. Being that humanity is condemned already...what might be next?
Truth of the matter I don't believe the original tale of Adam & Eve. As fascinating and tragic as it may have all humanity punished because of Adam & Eve??? What kind of God is this anyways? And isn't God all knowing and all powerful and all loving? A parent? Yet when Adam hides after eating the apple God asks "Where are you?" Wait....if he's God...don't you already know? And all loving??? Yet you punish your children? Now out of curiosity...are we suppose to worship the God of the old testament who is spiteful and vengeful? Or the God of the new testament who is all loving and forgiving?
So back to the serpent. According to history prechristian times were actually times of Serpent worship. No its not about worshipping the "devil" or about worshipping the demise of mankind or some evil dictator. It was about worshipping the vessel or being that came fourth into our existence to tell us to wake up. Stop worshipping under this false God. Know your roots. Know your divinity and escape the cage that our souls seem to linger in. Know that you are not trapped here. Know that you are so much more then a meat puppet slave to a vengeful God.
The Serpent was a bringer of truth. A means of release. Freedom.
The tale of Adam & Eve was merely a tactic of control. Using fear of disobedience to keep one in line. Always feeling like you had something to prove dating back to that original sin. You know the sin....the one that had nothing to do with you.LOL.
I believe the Christ was the same thing. A means to a way out. Saving us from ourselves and from the stories of false God. The Christ came to remind us of who we are and what we are really apart of. The spark of light that exists in each and everyone of us. That light being a part of what is really our creator...if their is one. I am not suggesting that there isn't a creator but more of a creation. The way I described it to my son and daughter is that if God was a lump of sand we would be the individual granules and when you pour that sand out onto the still have sand. And when you sweep that sand back into a again..still have sand.
Thus when you release us into this reality you still have God. Because we are God. The divinity the lineage...the royal birth line. Gods DNA runs through us. Kind of like having your sir name. Mine would be Giliberto. No matter who I marry, what I do...I will always be of the Gilibertos. Hopefully this makes sense LOL.
And as angry as people may make me. I try to keep in mind that they are apart of me...and I of them and we all make up the mystical creation of God. So be kind to each other. Because in being kind to each other, you are being kind to yourself.
Ok..I think I am done on this one. I am sure you find me to be a wee bit batty but its all good. ;)

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